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Imagine a world that decisions lead to reliable results, no resource waste, and maximum profit. We use the latest technological advances to provide you transparent artificial intelligence systems that help you take critical decisions. Enter now in the Artificial Intelligence era.

Prepare for the AI era


Not everyone is ready to enter the AI era. We examine your current data collection/curation and identify how to improve it. Furthermore we identify possible tasks where AI can be applied with your current infrastructure and make a complete roadmap for you to reach there.


Create AI applications


Having identified the task, we implement the state-of-the-art AI methods to solve your problem. From optimizing logistics, to predicting diseases and market trends the possibilities are limitless.


Train for the AI era


Using AI in your organization requires people that understand how, where and when it applies. We offer comprehensive training for AI topics tailored to the level and needs of your organization. Because knowledge is the power that drives sustainable development.


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Stop wasting time and money, enter a more sustainable and efficient era.

Predicting Crown Rot in Bananas



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About Dimetra

Digital Meteorological Agricultural
Artificial Intelligence.
While dimetra is an acronym it also sounds similarly with Demeter the Greek godess of Agriculture.

Our vision is to create a portal where A.I. technology for meteorological and agricultural applications will be gathered and provided as a service around the world.

Artificial Intelligene has a lot to offer in agriculture. In order for anyone to tap into the power of A.I. a lot of data is required. These data are not widely available. While we can not share the data with everyone we can develop models from these data that anyone can benefit from and access through our portal.

We currently have models to predict the crown rot of bananas. We also have a model to estimate the needed days for a crop to reach harvest.


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Meet our unique team of experts in Artificial Intelligence and Agriculture.


Ph.D. Theofrastos Mantadelis

Artificial Intelligence Consultant


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